Rode NTK Microphone

The Rode NTK Tube microphone was the first condenser microphone I bought for my collection when I first started engineering and now, several years later, after building up an eclectic, high-end microphone arsenal, I still find myself using the Rode NTK on a frequent basis.  The incentive to purchase this microphone came mostly from great reviews and recommendations, and it has proven to be an invaluable tool in my recordings.  It sounds intimate and lush on vocals, detailed and meticulous on acoustic guitar, rich and warm as a mono drum overhead, big and open as a room mic and fat and earth-shaking on outside kick drum.  It has incredibly low noise.  The SPL handling is outstanding and the NTK performs rock solid on loud volume sources (bass cab, kick drum).  In a microphone shootout test, the NTK is guaranteed to shine.  It stood up suprisingly well next to two, high-end Telefunken tube mics (AK 47 and AR 51), which cost about 4 times the price of the NTK.  One can obtain that articulate, warm, vintage, tube sound at an incredible price.  The Rode has that vibe!   Add an NTK to your mic arsenal and you will love it!