Over the years we have worked with many clients. Read what our customers are saying about House Recording Studios and DJ Entertainment.

Mel Glazer, songwriter and professor, gives a positive review about House Studios:
[audio:https://www.houserecordingstudios.com/dev/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/MEL-G-TESTIMONIAL.mp3|titles=Mel Glazer Testimonial]

“After having recorded in numerous other studios, I was looking for a fresh change in a professional environment. Recording with Marc Bauman surpassed any previous recording experiences and pushed our sound to a new level. In addition to having a great ear for musical production, Marc possesses an unprecedented talent for audio engineering. Marc will take any musician’s music to the next level.”
– Jeff Sluker, singer/songwriter for Trubadour

“I have worked in many studios as a recording artist on EMI Records. Marc is a talented engineer with exceptional ears! Editing quickly and recording efficiently. He is a team player. He wastes no time yet gives you a calm, serene space in which to be creative. He is determined to deliver amazing results. Marc is a sweetheart and I love working with him.”
Bobbie Terzi, composer/recording artist

“Marc brought my music to an improved, mature sound beyond anything I could have envisioned. He is a knowledgeable and amazing, young engineer that is easy to work with and that is why I keep coming back.”
Abraham Roman, singer/songwriter

“Marc makes it easy to record with his friendly personality and elaborate knowledge of recording technology. He has a great ear for picking out hooks in songs and helping with the production while tastefully recording your music. He delivers very clean, polished mixes.”
Frederick Maloney, artist/songwriter

“Marc’s mixes gave our project a fresh outlook that really made our songs shine. His professionalism and care for our album was top-notch and we can’t wait to work with him again!”
Last Second Chances, alternative rock band

“Marc has always had incredible passion and extremely high standards for his music. He spares no expense to satisfy his impeccable taste and add to his extensive collection of high-end equipment, mics and software. He spends as much time as possible to further his knowledge and experience to insure that everything he creates can be held to the highest standards. Even in an already saturated industry such as this, I am certain that what Marc has to offer is not only desired but needed, and his overwhelming drive and commitment to perfection would deliver beyond expectations!”
Kareem Powell, manager at Guitar Center

“Marc, to be with you in the studio, so in your element, and getting to collaborate with you… It is just a thrill. I am always blown away when working with you. Thank you for all of your encouragement. It takes me a while to get comfortable behind the mic and boy, it is NOT easy!! But you are so awesome at what you do… You make it so much fun.”
Emily Kratter, actress/singer/dancer

“It was a great pleasure working with Marc in the studio. He was very professional and always prompt. He absolutely knows his way around Pro Tools. He was able to get great sounds quickly and contributed much to the production. His mixes are very well balanced and have excellent clarity. I highly recommend working with him.”
Gerard Zappa, musician/songwriter