Marc Bauman

Marc Bauman

Marc Bauman, owner and chief engineer of House Recording Studios, is an all-around music entrepreneur with esteemed accomplishments in sound engineering, music production, DJ entertainment and live/studio percussion.

Marc graduated from Five Towns College in New York, a highly regarded school for audio engineering, receiving a bachelors degree in music business and audio recording technology. Graduating Magna Cum Laude, he learned the business of the music industry (management, legal, production, marketing) while specializing in sound engineering.

During his college career, he began interning at prestigious recording facilities Electric Lady Studios (Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Dave Matthews Band) and Cove City Sound Studios (Billy Joel, Jennifer Lopez, Beach Boys). By observing these acclaimed artists and songwriters, Marc honed his craft and took his engineering and production level to new elevations.

He began working as a freelance recording engineer for several prestigious studios in Manhattan and Long Island, tracking and mixing, writing and arranging, editing and sequencing as well as post production for television, film and radio advertising.  Marc is passionate about music and sensitive to his clients’ needs, but above all, he strives for nothing but the best, and this shows through his professionalism and all of his musical endeavors.