At House Recording Studios in Long Island, we offer a wide range of audio services geared not only towards musicians, but to advertising agencies, radio stations and movie production houses.

Computer – Mac Pro 8-Core, two 2.26GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors, 16 GB of RAM

A/D, D/A Converters – Lynx Aurora 16-HD

Master Clock Generator – Antelope Audio Isochrone OCX

Mic Preamps – API 3124, GML 8304, Mercury M72s MKIII Tube, Lunchbox equipped with Avedis MA5 (2), A-Designs P1 (2), API 512c

Microphones – Neumann M 149 Tube, Neumann U87 Ai, Telefunken AR-51 Tube, Bock Audio U195 FET, AKG 414 B-XLS, Beyerdynamic M160, Rode NT5 stereo pair, Sennheiser MD 421 (2), Sennheiser e604, AKG D 112, Electro Voice RE20, Shure SM57 (2), Audix i5

Compressors – Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X (2), DBX 160A, Chameleon Labs 7720

De-Essers – Empirical Labs DerrEsser

Keyboards/Synths/Controllers – Yamaha S70 XS, Korg Triton Extreme, M-Audio Axiom, Korg Electribe S MKII

Monitoring/Talkback – Dangerous D-Box

Analog Summing – Dangerous 2-Bus LT

Studio Monitors – Focal Solo6 Be, JBL LSR 4328P

DI Boxes – Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver, Radial JDI Duplex Mk4

Patchbay – Redco TT/DB25 96pt Patchbay

Phone Patch Interface – JK Audio Broadcast Host

Software РPro Tools HD(2) 9, Logic Pro, Reason 4, Auto-Tune, Melodyne, VocAlign, Sound Toys Bundle, Crane Song Phoenix, Sonnox Oxford EQ, Waves API Bundle, Waves Renaissance Bundle, Waves L3 Multimaximizer, Massey L2007 Mastering Limiter, Native Instruments The Mouth, Serato Scratch Live, Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Library

DJ Setup – MacBook (2 GB of RAM), Serato Scratch Live, Rane MP44 Club Mixer, Denon DN-HC4500 MIDI Controller, Denon DN-D4500 CD Player, JBL PRX 515 PA loudspeakers, Shure PGX24 Wireless Mic, Furman power conditioners

*The entire studio is wired solely with the highest quality Mogami cables to ensure an accurate, transparent tone and better clarity from noise and RF interference