House Goes 2Q

Special thanks to Mike D, studio technician and audio product innovator, for hooking us up with a 2Q remote control talkback system! Now when a producer or vocal coach is sitting in on a recording session, they no longer have to reach across the main control desk to press the talkback button to communicate with the artist in the live room. Instead, they will be provided with a 2Q remote control, which they can effortlessly engage while sitting comfortably in the back of the control room. The 2Q’s sleek design truly enhances the communication experience between the artist and the engineer/producer, which in turn allows for a more productive and efficient work flow.  Engineers have enough to focus on during a recording session and guessing when the producer, band member or vocal coach wants to communicate with the artist should not be one of them.

This is a wonderful talkback solution and we thank Mike D and the team at Techshop NY for this great product. To find out more about 2Q, visit

2Q Remotes

2Q Remotes


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