Digital Multi-Track Recording, Editing and Mixing

Whether you are a college student looking to record an audition piece or a major label recording artist, we are equipped to satisfy all of your studio needs. When working with us, you’re not only getting an engineer on the session (someone to get you great sound), but you’re also getting a producer on the session as well (someone to make sure that the energy, the timing, the emotion and the pitch of the performance are all top-notch).

We have a large array of microphones and outboard equipment to choose from to give our clients a variety of tonal options. Everything is recorded through high-end Lynx AD/DA converters and onto an Avid Pro Tools HD system to ensure excellent stability and superb sound quality during the session. We record everything from vocals to acoustic/electric guitars to drums/percussion to small orchestral ensembles.

After the tracks have been recorded and properly edited, the mixing phase entails blending and balancing all of the levels, adding proper dynamic & tone shaping tools, inserting effects like reverb/delay/chorus to add some depth and extra magic to the recordings, etc. We use a 16 channel analog summing mixer to give our mixes some extra warmth and clarity. Mixing is a true science and art form and it is a critical part of the recording process.