Overdubbing Services

Once the foundation tracks have been recorded, we can overdub additional instrumentation, be it vocal harmonies, percussion, catchy guitar licks, etc. Overdubbing helps make the recording process more convenient. For example, if the lead guitar player is temporarily unavailable, the recording (drums, bass, etc.) can still be made and the guitar tracks added later. Similarly, if only one guitar player is available, but the song calls for multiple guitar parts, the guitar player can record each part separately, where it would have been impossible to play the lead part, the rhythm part and the solo simultaneously. We have an enormous track count capability at our studio and this helps to promote creativity and experimentation. It’s always best to record all ideas for a project so when it comes time to mixing, we can assess the instrumentation/overdubs and see if it fits the vibe and the direction of the song. If it doesn’t, we can easily mute it.